Dear All,

we are pleased to announce that on December 14, 2022 the following has been issued COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION (EU) 2022/2461 recognising the ‘KZR INiG’ scheme for demonstrating compliance with the requirements set out in Directive (EU) 2018/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards biofuels, bioliquids, biomass fuels, renewable liquid and gaseous fuels of non-biological origin and recycled carbon fuels and repealing Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2022/603.

The decision expands the scope of KZR INiG certification to include Article 29 (6-7) of Directive 2018/2011 (forest biomass).

This makes KZR INiG the only voluntary system globally recognized by the European Commission to offer certification for the full scope of the RED II Directive: both liquid biofuels and biomass fuels, and one of three certification schemes for forest biomass.