The Institute Management

The KZR INiG System is owned and administered by the Oil and Gas Institute - National Research Institute located in Cracow, represented by the Director of the Institute. The Board of Directors chart is available:

The Biomass Certification Systems Office (BCSO)

The Biomass Certification Systems Office (BCSO) is a division of the Oil and Gas Institute – National Research Institute (System Administrator) responsible for supervision and development of the System. The main task of this division is to supervise records and documents of the KZR INiG System and to apply the System's resolutions. Moreover, the BCSO is responsible for improving and developing the scheme's documents as well as prepares and organizes trainings. The Management of the Office is responsible for assessment and authorizing the certification body. They supervise certifying bodies. The BSCO is also entitled to appoint the audit team to carry out an "internal monitoring audit". The BCSO collects biomass quantity reports from the system's participants, supervises data and reports for the EC according to the RED II directive.

Economic operator

Economic operator mean everyone who provides economic activity, exists in the supply chain, operates with sustainable raw material (biomass), feedstock (processed biomass), biofuels, bioliquids, biomass fuels, wastes and residues (first waste/residue collection points, trading and processing) and is interested in obtaining KZR INiG certification.

Certification bodies (CBs)

Certification bodies (CBs) are not participants of the KZR INiG System. CBs task is verify compliance with the requirements of the KZR INiG System. Certification bodies are impartial, independent organizations with freedom of economic activities. The CB's are authorized by the KZR INiG, are entitled for issuing certificates. They carry out control and management of processes and also to ensure conformity with the KZR INiG System requirements by system participants.

More about CBs in links:  KZR INiG System/9 & KZR INiG System /10.

The KZR INiG System Council (the Council)

The main tasks of the Council of KZR INiG include supervision of independence, transparency, avoidance of conflicts of interest between scheme participants, certification bodies and consideration of complaints. Supervision over independence, transparency, avoiding conflict of interests is performed according to the following scheme: at least once a year, the Manager of the BCSO presents a report covering existing BCSO procedures and mechanisms proving independency, transparency of the scheme. The report covers also activities of the BCSO's staff that may have an impact on independence and conflicts of interest, indicated complaints about the scheme. Events (both, organized by the KZR INiG and external entities) in which the staff of the BCSO participated are also covered by the report. The council assesses if activities of the KZR INiG do not impact the impartiality of the scheme, not only on the basis of the report, but also based on their own remarks.

As a part of the Council is the Committee. The Committee is established each time to proceed the claim.

Activity of the Council has also an advisory character. The Council proposes directions for the development of the KZR INiG System. The term of Council membership is two and a half years.

The KZR INiG System Council is composed of external experts, including representatives of industry, associations, NGOs, government representatives, representatives of certification bodies.

Council members:

  • are external and impartial (employees of the Oil and Gas Institute - National Research Institute cannot be members of the Council);
  • not represent any institution supervising KZR INIG;
  • have relevant skills and experience in the fuel industry, biofuels and biomass fuels, agriculture, land use, sustainability criteria, forestry / forest biomass.

Candidates for membership are proposed by the Management Board of the Biomass Systems Certification Office. Candidates may be invited by KZR INiG System or proposed by external entities. Candidates are evaluated in terms of meeting the requirements and finally selected by the Director of Oil and Gas Institute - National Research Institute. Members are selected in such a way that each party is represented and no party is dominant.

Current Council Members:

 Chairman - Adam Stępień,  Polish Chamber of Biofuels, General Director; Polish Association of Oil Producers, General Director.

  1. Magdalena Jakubowska – Ministry of Climate and Environment, Department of Renewable Energy Sources.
  2. Waldemar Majewski - Ministry of Climate and Environment, Department of Oil and Transport Fuels.
  3. Gabriela Maćkowiak – BZK & Wspólnicy, Director of the Quality and Sustainable Development Department.
  4. Jan Habart -  President of CZ Biom - Czech Biomass Association.
  5. Mariusz Gołąb - TÜV NORD Polska Sp, z o.o., Senior Manager
  6. Katarzyna Dziurska - Director of the Environmental Department

    PGE Energia Ciepła S.A.
    8. Piotr Burmistrz - Head of the Department of Fuel Technology Faculty, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.
    9. Bartosz Ratowski - Managing Director, URS Polska Sp. z. o.o.

     More about KZR INiG Council in link to KZR INiG System/1.