Complaints procedure

General information

Representatives of authorities or member states, companies, certification bodies and natural persons have the right to express their dissatisfaction with the KZR INiG in any field of its activity. A complaint may also concern the activity of certification body authorized by the KZR INiG or KZR INiG participants.

The KZR INiG pays special attention and makes every effort to ensure that every claim is resolved in reliable, impartial and accurate way. Thus, the decision resolving the complaint or appeal shall be made by, or reviewed and approved by, person(s) not involved in the certification activities related to the complaint or appeal. To ensure that there is no conflict of interest, personnel (including those acting in a managerial capacity) who have provided consultancy for a client, or been employed by a client, shall not be used to review or approve the resolution of a complaint or appeal for that client within two years following the end of the consultancy or employment.

How to make a complaint

All complaints shall be in writing with a detailed description either an official letter or an e-mail including contact data and evidences. The complaint should be sent to the Biomass Certification Systems Office:

KZR System Office
1 Bagrowa Str.
30-733 Krakow, POLAND
phone: +48 12 61 77 558

The course of the complaint

1. Registration of a complaint and forwarding to the Chairman of the KZR INiG System Council
Each claim is registered. If a claim concerns the Biomass Certification System Office's activity and can be honored, the Office's staff take appropriate action without delay. In other cases, the complaint is transferred to the Chairman of the KZR INiG System Council without delay.
Biomass Certification System Office keeps a register of all claims being investigated by the Committee. The KZR INiG provides a summary of these claims to the European Commission through the annual reporting process.

2. Establishing a committee
The Chairman appoints a Committee. The Committee is composed of three persons: the director of the Oil and Gas Institute and two members of the Council, however the members cannot represent nor certification body or certified entities. If needed, the Committee can consult the issues with external experts (depending of the nature of the claim). In each case both the Committee and the experts declare in the written form that there is no conflict of interest.

3. Consideration of the complaints
The Committee shall start to deal with the claim no later than 14 days from receiving the claim.
The claim is analyzed and investigated by the Committee and appropriate action is taken. Findings and recommendations are always a subject of voting by Members of the Committee. Final decision should be taken no later than 90 days from submitting the claim. The claimer is kept informed of progress of the appeal and has the right to anonymity. The KZR INiG is entitled to ask involved parties for additional information and documentation.

4. Findings from the investigation of the complaints
Findings from the investigation of the claim, in the form of a recommendation, are passed (in the written form) to the Biomass Certification Systems Office in order to take appropriate actions as well as to the claimer. The claim may be also a reason to start internal monitoring procedures.

5. Completion of the complaint process
The process (including contact details) for dealing with complaints made by third parties is placed on KZR INiG website.