Certification system of sustainable biofuels and bioliquids production

Certification according to RED II and mutual recognition between Voluntary Schemes (see the letter below)

3 TH August 2021


We, the undersigned Voluntary Schemes would like to clarify the following:

Recognition under RED II:

- In a letter dated 10th July 2021, the European Commission has informed Member States that some voluntary schemes have successfully passed the preliminary assessment for the formal recognition under RED II (i.e. are technically compliant with RED II). The following schemes are considered at this stage as having closed the outstanding issues in their preliminary assessment reports: 2BSvs, Better Biomass, Bonsucro EU, ISCC EU, KZR INiG, REDcert, Red Tractor, RSB EU RED, RTRS EU RED, SQC, TASCC, UFAS, SURE.

Application of RED II:

- The European Commission has requested the Voluntary Schemes to apply the RED II rules as of 1 st July 2021 (the transposition date of RED II) even if they are not officially recognised at that date. These technically compliant schemes ensure continuity of activities between RED I and RED II; this continuity applies to all certified material transactions demonstrating compliance with the sustainability and GHG emissions savings criteria of the RED II.

Mutual recognition between Voluntary Schemes

- The undersigned Voluntary Schemes confirm mutual recognition of Certificates and Sustainability Declarations or Proofs of Sustainability issued by the above mentioned Voluntary schemes which are technically compliant with the RED II.

Expected time frame:

- The undersigned Voluntary Schemes have urged the European Commission to officially recognise the Voluntary Schemes without any further delay. The European Commission confirmed that that the recognition of voluntary schemes under the RED II is expected to happen in short term. We hope that this statement may answer some of the questions raised on the market.

Delfina Rogowska
Office Manager
Andreas Feige
Managing Director
ISCC System GmbH

Peter J√ľrgens
Managing Director
REDcert GmbH
Verification Scheme (SURE) GmbH
Elena Schmidt
Executive Director
Bruno Berken
General Director


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 The KZR INIG System is used to certify the sustainable production of biofuels, bioliquids and raw materials. The solutions and procedures offered by the System has gained recognition from the European Commission. Certified products serve the purpose of achieving renewable energy targets set in the EU policies.

The aim of the System is to provide solutions that ensure the production of renewable energy in accordance with sustainability criteria.

The KZR INIG System is on the list of approved voluntary schemes.


In December 2018, the System gained subsequent recognition -DECISION (EU) 2018/1984 of 13 December 2018.


The KZR INIG System has no territorial restrictions. This means that any supplier associated with the supply chain may be subject to certification, regardless of the place of business.


The KZR INIG System has been developed at the Oil and Gas Institute ‚Äď NRI a company with more than 70 years of tradition, knowledge and experience in the field of biofuels, closely cooperating with the industry all over the world. It is here, where the first European standard for ethanol, as a component of motor fuels was developed. The institute has been cooperating with the Polish industry since the beginning of the 1990s, initially helping to introduce ethanol into gasoline and then FAME to diesel. The institute currently conducting research on co-processing of fossil fuels and biofuels.


Commission Implementing Decision No. 2014/325/EU of 3 June 2014.
Directive 2009/28/EC

We meet additional requirements:

  • Polish: KOWR¬†register (formerly ARR) ‚Äď KZR INiG registered under BIO/ASC/001/2014
  • German: BLE¬†register (Die Bundesanstalt f√ľr Landwirtschaft und Ern√§hrung) ‚Äď KZR INiG registered under number EU-BM 22


The KZR INiG System accepts schemes that are recognised by European Commission. The list of schemes recognised by European Commission is available at http://ec.europa.eu/energy/en/topics/renewable-energy/biofuels/voluntary-schemes