"KZR INiG System principles"/"KZR INiG certification - requirement for conomic operators"

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Trainers:¬†Delfina Rogowska, Gabriela Daigneault, MichaŇā Pajda

Scope of training:

Day I

1. Sustainability criteria and description of the KZR INiG voluntary scheme
2. General and formal requirements for participants in the scheme
3. Methodology of calculating greenhouse gas emissions
4. Mass balance
5. Verification of sustainability criteria at point of origin (excluding forest biomass)
6. Verification of sustainability criteria for forest biomass
7. KZR Module application use
8. Biofuels and biogas

Day II

1. Requirements for certification bodies and auditors
2. Audit performance  - General information
3.¬†Audit performance ‚Äď mass balance, GHG emission
4. Audit performance - FGP 
5. Audit performance - Trading / final supplier/ Outside UE companies
6. Audit performance - Biogas plant
7. Exam




Adressed to:
Auditors of certification bodies, consultants, economic operators acting in the supply chain of  biofuels, solid biomass fuels and biogas.

Type of trainnig:

  • 2 days
  • theory
  • INiG-PIB Krakow
  • language: ENG

Number of participants:

  • min:¬† 5
  • max:¬† 15


410‚ā¨¬† / person - "KZR INiG System principles" (for 2 days training)¬†
225‚ā¨ / person¬† - "KZR INiG certification - requirement for economic operators"¬† (only one day - 1st day)


Obtained documents:

  • certificate

How to register?

Registration for the training takes place after sending a completed application form to szkolenia@inig.pl or fax number 12 61 77 518

Additional information:

Participation in the 2-day training means participation in the training "KZR INiG System principles". Two days training is required for auditors.

Participation in the first day only means participation in the training course "KZR INiG certification - requirements for economic operators" and is addressed to entrepreneurs and is not sufficient to fulfil the requirements for KZR INiG auditors.

The exam is required for auditors only and will be conducted online within 5-7 days from the end of the training. In case of a negative result of the exam, the trainee has the right to repeat the exam within 30 days after receiving information about the negative result of the exam.


Ms. GraŇľyna Wdaniec
Bagrowa 1 St., 31-733 Cracow
fax: 12 61 77 518
E-mail: szkolenia@inig.pl