Price list

Payments resulting from the participation in the System are based on two basic kinds of fees:

1. One-time registration fee (net value):

  • for small enterprises (company employing up to 50 workers): PLN 400
  • for medium-sized enterprises (company employing from 51 to 250 workers): PLN 700
  • for large-sized enterprises (company employing more than 251 workers): PLN 1000

 2. Fees paid quarterly:

  • according to the following scope of the certification:

      - trading of raw material/ processed feedstock(with storage or without storage);

       - trading of fuels, biofuels and bioliquids (with storage or without storage);

        - blending with conventional fuel and marketing;

flat fee of PLN 640, pay in advance for each year of the participation in the KZR INiG System



  • for the rest scope of the certification - quantity based fees (net value):

            - for sold /processed raw material and feedstock:PLN 0,06 per tonne

           - for sold biofuels and bioliquids: PLN 0,11 per tonne

            - for the waste/residues sold: PLN 0,03 per tonne


The payment mentioned in point 1 is the essential condition of registration in the System.

Audit fee is not included.

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